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Blog: The Biden Years

I created Free to Think in 2013 to cover the growing problems of government overreach and political polarization and disillusionment of the public. Eight years later, things are worse than ever. Here are articles…..

Free market will heal healthcare ills

– As originally published on Finding a way to make health insurance affordable for everyone is laudable goal. Those without health insurance face severe hardship and insurance is excessively expensive for us all. It would be wonderful if government-controlled healthcare could effectively accomplish this. However, healthcare issues are business problems, and politicians are historically lousy businessmen.…

Black Lives, Blue Lives: Resolutions

As originally published on AllSides.Com The issue of police brutality doesn’t have to be a subject that divides us. As discussed in parts I, II and III of this four-part series, we don’t have to choose between supporting police officers and defending abused minorities. Not only is it possible to talk about police brutality without picking sides, it’s…

Black Lives, Blue Lives Part III

As originally published on As discussed in Part I and Part II of this series, police brutality and racism have people drawing sides. Often the sources from which we choose to gather information, whether it’s the media or our community, comes with a bias that prevents us from seeing the big picture. Many of us tend to focus…

“Outsider” candidates who magnify problems

As originally published on Few people believe Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have much in common. But while Sanders and Trump may be polar opposites in some respects, they’re alike in some very fundamental ways. And their popularity is driven by some of the very same reasons. Congress’ job approval rating is 16%. Dysfunctional…


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